What to Do After Getting Engaged: 5 Actions to Take Immediately!

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If you’ve recently become engaged, you might be wondering what to do next! Actually, it’s probably going to be a question you start asking yourself frequently as you begin wedding planning! But before we get ahead of ourselves talking about all the other to-dos to come, here are 5 actions you should take immediately after getting engaged.

1. Take Time to Celebrate, Just the Two of You

Seriously, before the onslaught of questions from excited family and friends, soak in the moment of being newly engaged before sharing the news with them. If your engagement happened with family and friends around, then this first step doesn’t apply, but if your engagement was more private with just the two of you, relish this time together! Have a nice dinner enjoying this life-changing decision you’ve decided to make and have fun knowing you’re engaged without anyone else knowing yet!

2. Capture the Moment

Take a picture!! Don’t forget to capture the moment! Take selfies, ask the random person nearby to snap a few photos and maybe even make a short video documenting how you’re both feeling about being engaged! They will be great keepsakes to show family and friends later on, and who wouldn’t want to revisit video from the day you got engaged and relive what a happy time it was?!

3. Break the News! 

Think about how you want to break the news to everyone. Will you buy them a card, play a funny joke, call them on the phone or FaceTime? However you decide to do it, make sure both you and your fiance are on the same page about how to share the news, and then, tell the world!

4. Set Rules for Announcing on Social Media

If you want to enjoy the privacy of your new engagement a bit longer, make sure to tell every person who knows your engaged not to share the news on social media until you’ve had a chance to do it yourself. Embargo that news and threaten to revoke their wedding invitation if they let the news slip too soon! And if that’s too extreme, then simply lay out the rules you’d like followed about sharing information about your announcement. Because the key here is that it’s your announcement to make, so make it clear if you’d like your inner circle to respect that!

5. Practice Your Go-To Line When People Ask about Your Wedding Planning!

Girl, get ready for the questions from any and everyone — they will come! But don’t ever feel pressured to answer any additional details about your upcoming wedding just yet. You just got engaged, and people will be excited and ready to hear ALL the details about your upcoming nuptials. If you need some time to just be present and enjoy the newness of engagement, here’s your go-to line to recite until you’re ready to begin wedding planning: “We’re just enjoying being engaged right now and will work on planning the wedding when we’re ready. It’s a priority that we put our relationship first.” Who can argue with that?!

What do you think about these five actions? What did you do when you first got engaged? Leave a comment below to help other newly engaged couples!

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