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By working with us to plan your wedding, we take some of that stress and pressure away so you have more time to spend focusing on your relationship and making this transition into marriage together.

We know what it’s like to have a million and one things going on in your life, ambitious goals and a never-ending to-do list staring you in the face. We’ve been there! And because we know what that feeling is like, of trying to juggle it all, we want this engagement experience to be different for you -- to be protected and peaceful, and full of love about your future ahead.

We’ve designed our planning services to provide you with the unbiased support that’s so desperately needed during your engagement, giving you back precious time to focus on you and your relationship while actually maintaining your sanity throughout the whole process! 

We can’t create more time in a day for you, but we can help you claim some of it back. When we work together, you’ll feel confident in knowing that you have a team by your side to cheer you on and help you stay on track with your planning. Your relationship story is authentic to you, and we’ll help you create a wedding day that’s rooted in your own unique love story.

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Planning Weddings with Heart, Growing Marriages in Love

Helping you to intentionally build an authentic marriage experience

We know that relational focus is often times the first thing that goes out the window when you start wedding planning. We’ve experienced this ourselves and we don’t want you to end up in a place where you’re making wedding decisions without remaining clear on the “why” behind it all and failing to stay rooted in celebrating your relationship!

We’ll work side by side with you throughout your entire engagement to remind you of your “why.” All the wedding planning should point back to your relationship. As married women ourselves, we know how wedding plans can sometimes veer off course, and risk losing sight of your love story. The prettiness of Pinterest, bridal magazines and TV shows can consume your mindset about what this very important and special day of celebration should look like when you say “I Do.” We want to challenge you to demand more from your engagement. When you say yes to this experience with Happily Hitched, you say yes to accepting the challenge of creating an engagement experience that’s wildly authentic to you. 

our wedding planning services

learn about how our team of trusted wedding planners and marriage coaches can give you the wedding day and marriage of your dreams

Each wedding planning package includes relationship coaching services to help you build a vision that’s personalized for your wedding day and future marriage.

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen Full Planning, Partial Planning, or opt for Event Management, we believe in the importance of holding space for your relationship, and giving you the opportunity to reflect on your vision for your future together and the values you share as a couple. Together, we’ll work to create a roadmap for your marriage that illuminates your personalized path to a marriage that lasts.

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Our Full Service Planning package can best serve you if you’re a couple too busy to handle your wedding planning alone, or a couple who wants to be very involved in the process but seeks guidance and direction from the very beginning. You want to make the most of this engagement experience, and it’s important for you to have as much time to pour into your relationship and get as much of our expert coaching advice on how to navigate this transition into marriage.

This package provides you with much needed support from that “just said yes” moment all the way to your final farewells at the end of your reception. Our coaching sessions will create space for you to quiet the noise of daily life and to lean in to do the foundational work that will help to sustain your marriage through the years.

Finding the right quality vendors for your unique vision takes time. You’ll leave that task to us so you can spend your time tending to all the other tasks on your daily to-do list. We’re here to walk with you through the entire experience, giving you the reassurance that you’re doing everything right, at the right time.

01. Full Service Planning

Most Full Planning Clients will have a budget of $75,000+ to invest in their wedding day experience

Pricing starts at 9800 and depends on guest count, distance to the venue(s), complexity of design and production and logistics.

Our Partial Planning package best suites you if you want to do the planning yourself but need a little help. We’ll provide you with access to your online client planning portal that will serve as home base for all planning details, and help you secure those last few vendors and nail down those final design details so you can spend time enjoying more of your engagement.

You’ll explore your vision for marriage through a number of coaching sessions that will help you prepare for all the days after “I do.” You’ll make decisions on the tasks you feel strongly about and find comfort in knowing you’ve got a professional planner by your side to help with the areas where you feel unsure or want help in navigating.

02. Partial Planning

Pricing starts at 5500 and depends on guest count, distance to the venue(s), complexity of design and production and logistics.

Our Event Management package is the right choice for you if you’ve got all the planning handled yourself but want to enjoy your wedding day as stress-free as possible. You’ve spent months planning your dream wedding and you want someone to execute your plan just as you’ve envisioned. You want to save yourself the hassle and stress of running the day on your own, and seek a trusted professional to handle all of the many logistics that come with coordinating vendors and deliveries and the flow of the day, so you and your guests can experience a seamless celebration that’s full of ease.

We’ll manage all the many details on the wedding day so all you have to focus on is marrying the one you love and remaining present so you can enjoy all your family and friends.

03. Event Management

Pricing starts at 3300 and depends on guest count, distance to the venue(s), complexity of design and production and logistics.

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Happily Hitched works with a variety of styles and budgets but we truly thrive when we can provide clients with intentional designs that are purposefully pretty and reflect your personal love story. Our ideal clients opt for aesthetics that highlight the natural beauty of a space and tend towards a mix of rustic, vintage, bohemian or industrial styles. We love working in secluded environments that provide you with privacy to celebrate with family and friends, so we can often be found working in Loudoun County, Virginia and beyond at barn venues in the open countryside, wineries, breweries or cideries, garden-inspired locations or historic manor estates. 

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"...the kindest people I've met."

Christina and Aishah are some of the kindest people I've met. They were a huge support for me during the wedding planning process and I can't say enough good things about them. They use Aisle Planner to help you organize everything. It was great to be able to have everything in ONE place and to be able to see what I needed to get done and to be able to easily leave notes for them inside the platform. It made making a seating chart a BREEZE!

Wedding planning is hard, Happily Hitched makes it easy.

- Sabrina & Matt