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You          have the wedding day           marriage of your dreams.



We offer a dual approach to the engagement experience, one that provides couples with a trusted and certified wedding planner that will help weave together a wedding day that is reflective of their own personal love story, coupled with a certified professional coaching experience to help them focus on taking action towards stepping into their vision for their future marriage.

Hello, new friend! We are the Happily hitched team.

It is within a holistic wedding planning experience that couples can honor their sacred beliefs, strengthen their relationship, and enjoy their engagement with ease.

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WE are...

creating space that inspires

authentic marriage experience.

We believe in creating a heart-centered experience for you because we know you’re craving for more. Engagement is meant to be more than a bunch of checklists and an endless road of paying this vendor and that vendor. It’s meant to be more than conversations with acquaintances and loved ones who only inquire about when’s the big day and how wedding planning is going. You deserve more than to be reduced to your type of dress or wedding design. The season of engagement does include some of those things, but it was never meant to be ONLY about those things. You, your relationship, your love, your dreams for your marriage all deserve to be seen and heard. You deserve the space to reflect on the changes you’re living through right now in this moment, and the transition that you are making. It’s a time to be gentle with your heart.


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your dreams for your marriage and wedding deserve to be seen and heard

Dear Bride,

You and your fiance understand how precious your time is and you want to do life on purpose, 

from how you plan the wedding of your dreams to how you love your spouse each and every day. We are a team of Believers who curate a personalized, marriage-focused experience. We are legacy builders invested in bringing your vision to reality.

Plan the wedding of your dreams

with the help of our team.

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It was exceptionally helpful having someone work through the nitty-gritty details of timelines with us, as they completely handled vendor coordination, keeping the wedding party informed and on track, reception and ceremony set-up, clean up, etc.

They thought of all the things, so I didn't have to!

- Maddie & Kevin

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"They thought of all the things..."

Marriage changed us.

That’s where coaching met us.
It’s where we’d like to meet you too.

We are committed to preparing you for every day after "I do." Counter to a world that emphasizes a conditional love experience, we support you by creating space to explore your vision and values for your marriage.

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wedding planning experience


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