Aisle Planner: Why It’s an Amazing Client Management Tool for Wedding Planning

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you use them to make a purchase, we’ll earn a little money back to help us continue serving our couples with an amazing wedding planning tool that we’ve decided we can’t live without! 

When we first started our search for a good tool to use with our clients, we came across many different platforms that were useful and could help us get the job done, but none could compare to Aisle Planner! This dream of a client management tool is perfect for tracking wedding planning progress and has become a must-have when working with all of our clients.

For any wedding vendors out there who are considering making the switch to Aisle Planner, particularly wedding planners, do it! Your first 30 days are free and you can get 25% off any plan for your first three months when you use our referral link (keep scrolling below to get the code!). The customer service is amazing, they’re always adding new features to make the lives of vendors and couples so much easier, and you can’t beat that it’s an incredibly comprehensive client management tool providing you and your couples with pretty much an all-in-one wedding planning user experience.

What we love it for:

Saves Clients Time

What’s worse than spending a year or more of wedding planning and having your inbox fill up with various planning related emails that takes far too much time to sort through when you’re looking for something specific? With Aisle Planner, we provide complimentary access for all our couples and keep as much communication within the client portal as possible to eliminate all the back and forth emails that can pile up and to keep all wedding details in a centralized location that we can both access!

Aisle Planner can be utilized for everything from guest list creation, client questionnaires, seating assignments, design inspiration, budget tracking, calendar management, checklists, contact information for vendors and so much more.

Streamlines Booking Process 

From the moment potential clients inquire on our website, Aisle Planner auto-generates a lead on our dashboard so we can track every couple who reaches out about our services.  We can note where clients are in the booking process and when they’re ready to hire us, all contracts and invoices can be sent through Aisle Planner, meaning no printing out and hand-signing contracts!

Aisle Planner helps us keep things digital with electronic signatures and payment via credit card or ACH transfers (in addition to us still receiving checks via snail mail if that’s your style!), meaning more options for couples and a hiring process that’s full of ease.

Want even more of an inside look into all that Aisle Planner can do? Watch this tutorial we put together for our clients!  Vendors click here for our referral link and enter code: oLkn

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