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Are you talking with multiple wedding planners but finding it hard to make a decision? To assist in helping you to narrow down your choices, we've created this free download to help you see how Happily Hitched compares to other wedding planners you might be considering!

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Book: The Story of Marriage

Book: The 5 Love Languages

YNAB: You Need a Budget

Hands down one of our favorite books on marriage! This book will walk you through God's plan for marriage and get you thinking about how to create a marriage that fits you as a couple. It is a devotional that will inspire, challenge and encourage you along your journey.


A #1 New York Times Bestseller for 8 years running and celebrating its 25th anniversary, The 5 Love Languages is a staple that every couple should have. This book will help you understand how both you and your partner express and receive love so you can become a better, more loving couple. 

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Money is usually the number one topic couples argue about. As you begin wedding planning and preparing for marriage, it's more important than ever to get on the same page about finances! Creating and keeping a budget will lead to financial peace, control and stability.

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