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We offer a dual approach to the engagement experience, one that provides couples with a trusted and certified wedding planner that will help weave together a wedding day that is reflective of their own personal love story, coupled with a certified professional coaching experience to help them focus on taking action towards stepping into their vision for their future marriage.

We love all the little details! When it comes to your wedding day, we believe the smallest touches can have the biggest impact. We believe in making things pretty with a purpose and honoring family legacies, like incorporating vintage suitcases that belonged to your grandparents, or sharing family photos of wedding days past. We want your guests to have an experience where they can celebrate your love story from the moment they arrive to your venue until the last song is played -- a wedding day that is uniquely you. When it comes to your marriage, whether its exploring what values are most important to you as a couple, or digging deeper into how you want to step into the vision for your role as husband or wife, we want you to have the tools to help you grow your marriage with love.

It is within a holistic wedding planning experience that couples can honor their sacred beliefs, strengthen their relationship, and enjoy their engagement with ease.

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A heart for service. It’s something that was instilled in me for as long as I can remember. 

I can’t really pin point exactly when I learned the importance of serving others, but it was something passed down to me as I watched my grandmother always go out of her way to use her gift of cooking to make those around her feel well-fed and comfortable, and seeing my mother use her gift of teaching to educate children for over 30 years. 

It’s part of my family’s legacy and who we were called to be, and in 2016 when I knew my path of service would be in hospitality, I became certified as a professional Wedding and Event Planner. I’m so honored to have the pleasure of serving you during one of the most momentous occasions in your life, and cherish the invitation you have extended to me as I provide support for your planning and witness your transition into a married couple, just beginning to build a legacy together of your own.

I’m a James Madison University alum who had the privilege of marrying my college sweetheart, Justin, after seven years of dating. We live in Fairfax, VA with our two boys, Jayden and Miles, and have the greatest honor of serving our couples by planning weddings that are authentic, meaningful and puts your relationship at the center of it all to celebrate your unique love story.

Originally, I was born and raised in Leesburg, Virginia, so I always love the opportunity to be back in Loudoun County, working in the many different types of venues that the county boasts! I’m a lover of mountain views and secluded and intimate spaces, and having space to breathe, and to simply be.

I truly believe I’ve been called to do this work. I find so much joy in enabling you to experience peace about a process that can seem daunting and overwhelming. I believe it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact, that wedding day experiences should be a reflection of you as a couple, and that the building of your legacy together deserves to be celebrated.

I can’t wait to work alongside you to plan an unforgettable day that’s worthy of being page one in your new chapter together.

about Christina

"Every wedding gives birth to a new history, a new beginning”
-Gary Thomas, Sacred Marriage

owner & principal planner

Marriage changed me. 

That’s where coaching met me. It’s where I’d like to meet you too.

I met my husband Lindell at our local Target store and the rest is history. Who knew that 6 years and 3 moves later we would live an adventurous life in New Jersey with our daughter Rea, step-son Ta’quon and my mama. 

Professionally I’ve been an HR leader in the corporate and start-up world for over 8 years specializing in helping leaders develop cultures that align with their personal and professional values. In all my experiences I realized that at the heart of the matter people, both at work and at home, needed more tools to feel fulfilled, to feel whole. 

Not only did they need it-- but so did I. 

I had been so busy climbing the corporate ladder, checking off my life goal list, getting married, having a baby and building my career that I wasn’t living life fully awake. I needed tools to build a marriage that was as beautiful as I pictured it in my mind. This led me to become a Certified Professional Coach in September 2018. It brought me tools that changed my life, and changed our marriage. My greatest desire is that couples enter into marriage with these tools from the gate. 

Marriage made me take a hard look in the mirror to learn more about who I was than I ever imagined. It showed me what God really wanted me to see. That messy piece of humanity that can be discovered so intensely when you are building a marriage, a family, a legacy. But only if you let it. 

I grew up surrounded by the historic countryside of Berks County, PA to my incredible single-mom who taught me from an early age the value of kindness, resilience and faith. A village raised me and I cherish the impact that can be made when we all love, lead, and grow together.  I’m so grateful to be a part of your love story, your life story. 

I believe that your wedding day should be as beautiful as your journey in life. That when pronounced, “you are now husband and wife,” you treasure this sacred stepping stone into your marriage with awareness of all that you are and all that you both hope to be. 

At my core, I want to see you experience who God created you to be. I believe that every person is a gift. The world needs you, you when you are soaring in your God-given talents. 


I hold the belief that if we can do this deep work, show up authentically as ourselves and in our relationships, we can change the world one family at a time.

our team

Hi, I’m Sarah! I was born and raised in Springfield, Virginia, and now reside in Texas with my Air Force pilot husband, Grey! While I graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in Russian Studies and Economics, I found my passion for weddings back in 2018 when I planned my own wedding. When I’m not working, you can find me out hiking or relaxing at the lake!


Admin/Operations Assistant

Hi, I’m Anna! I was born in Colorado, and raised in Northern Virginia, and I can’t wait to help you with your wedding! I’m a huge Arbonne fan and before getting into weddings and events I was a first-grade teacher. I love my morning cup of coffee, journaling time, and spending time with my friends, family, and my old man dog, Cooper. I'm also a huge stickler for all things joy.


Associate Planner

Hi, I'm Victoria! I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Washington, DC nearly 14 years ago for an internship at the Smithsonian. Since that time I've discovered my love for events---especially weddings. The thrill of bringing friends and families together to celebrate love is my favorite thing and it never gets old. In my spare time I enjoy visiting museums, creating and appreciating art, dancing, making TikToks and collecting LEGO.


Associate Planner

Hi, I'm Megan! I was born and raised in Maryland and after a stint in the DMV, I am now back in Maryland again. My love for event planning started in high school, but bloomed post-college where I have planned fundraisers for the past 6 years. It was after my own engagement that wedding planning specifically came into focus. When I have spare time, I love to fill it! Whether that be at a boutique fitness class or making plans with family and friends. Otherwise, I love to nap!


Associate Planner

Hi, I’m Vy! I was born and raised in Maryland and continued my college education in the state. During my time in school, I discovered my love for event planning through numerous experiences with student organizations on campus. After graduating, I wanted to make my love for event planning into my career! In my free time, I enjoy attending music festivals & shows, playing volleyball, and hunting for new cafes! 


lead Planner & marketing manager

Our Origin Story

Our story begins with a car ride. 

We weren’t looking for a calling or a new business. We weren’t expecting God to graciously give us a purpose and path forward. 

But He did. He will. He always does. 

We were just close friends, two hearts for service, helping another friend on her wedding day. But as we drove home we saw a vision and felt a nudge we couldn’t ignore. We dreamed of making space, of setting the table, of getting to walk with couples as they intentionally built an authentic marriage experience. 

Because after attending countless weddings and planning our own, we noticed a feeling of overwhelm and a longing for more support to build a legacy that lasts. 

There’s the overwhelm that comes with all the many decisions. Table linens and cake toppers. Flower arrangements and toasts. All the helpful but sometimes conflicting advice from family and friends that leave you unsure of what to do next. The details are all-consuming so you begin making rushed choices out of convenience. 

But deep down, you want to make choices that are personal and true to who you are and what you want as a couple. Choices that reflect the love story you are writing.

And then there’s your desire to live a life on purpose and remain deeply rooted in your relationship. You realize you’re entering into a covenant, but what does that actually mean?

What does it look like to choose love, respect each others differences, and step into who you were created to be?  Put plainly, how do you plan a wedding with heart, and grow your marriage with love? 

Here’s what we believe: the engagement season doesn’t have to be full of anxiety and stress. Your wedding day should be an experience, not merely an event. And your marriage deserves tools and support for crafting the blueprint that will carry you through the years.

This is the heart of who we are and what we do: creating space to inspire couples to intentionally build an authentic marriage experience.

We promise a holistic approach that honors your sacred beliefs, strengthens your relationship, and offers an enjoyable engagement season. 

It’d be our joy to serve you. Come sit at our table -- we’ve saved you a seat!

Christina and Aishah are extremely professional, organized, flexible, and accommodating. They truly helped make our day so smooth and so successful. I really don't know what we would have done without them! If you are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner I can tell you that you will absolutely NOT regret choosing Happily Hitched!

You can 100% trust them to make your wedding a breeze!!

- Leanna & JK

"We did not regret our decision at all!"







We believe in creating a heart-centered experience for you because we know you’re craving for more. You, your relationship, your love, your dreams for your marriage all deserve to be seen and heard. You deserve the space to reflect on the changes you’re living through right now in this moment, and the transition that you are making. It’s a time to be gentle with your heart.


We believe you deserve it all. You CAN have the wedding day AND marriage of your dreams.

We believe in wedding designs that are pretty with purpose, that are meaningful, intentional and help tell the story of your love and relationship.

We believe in curating a guest experience that’s comfortable and inviting.


We are committed to sowing into committed, covenant relationships where both partners vow to bind themselves together as one to share in the lifetime of responsibilities that come with serving and glorifying God. Counter to a world that emphasizes a conditional love experience, we support our clients by creating space to explore their vision and values for their marriage, doing the deep work that will prepare them for everyday after “I do.”

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