Relationships, rooted in unconditional love have a profound impact on our lives. As human beings, nurturing this experience with time and focus allows us to thrive in every other aspect of our lives. In this incredibly fast-paced world, whether you are planning a wedding, already married, or still trying to navigate the season you’re in, coaching has the ability to transform you from the inside out. 

I’m Crista, and I partner with the Happily Hitched team to provide relationship coaching, which focuses on helping people in relationships raise their level of consciousness around who they are, the choices they make, and taking action to achieve their most fulfilling lives. Relationship coaching focuses on understanding the goals of the relationship so that the partner or partners can grow and show up the way they want to in their relationship. This relationship can be with yourself, you and your partner or in any other relationships you want to deepen in your life. 

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We believe that we are responsible for who we are at the table of marriage. When we take our seat, prepared and committed to this relationship we are accepting that we will each change over the course of our love and that this ever evolving love story requires us to be responsible for how we show up in it. We have a choice every day to show up willing to love and willing to grow. Each of us can make a conscious decision every day to show up in that way.

01. For couples

How will the experience enhance your life?

What to expect:
Happily Hitched couples

Couples working with Happily Hitched for planning services will have selected their coaching experience prior to booking their wedding planning package. 

Once you have selected your coaching experience and signed the agreement, our team will connect you with Crista and she will send you your couple's coaching assessment to complete. The assessment will allow you to see each other through fresh eyes, giving you new insights into your relationship and how to connect and love more deeply. This will result in a stronger, more supportive and healthy relationship. 

Your assessment results will be specifically tailored to you as a couple, and will highlight your unique relationship gifts and challenges. It is highly personalized and provides a holistic and specific account of your relationship.

Once Crista has been notified that your assessment has been completed, she will then reach out to schedule a debrief session with you to review the results. 

If you would like to continue with more sessions, you can work with Crista to create a custom coaching experience. 

For those couples that have weddings bells on the horizon, the coaching experience is a welcomed retreat to check in on how you are growing as a couple during your season of engagement. 

For those already married, sometimes you just need a tune- up. Whether you’ve made a big move or welcomed a baby bundle of joy, life can sometimes cause our relationships to need a bit more attention.

If you need to do some work together to explore where you are and where you want to go with your relationship, let’s walk together.

Sometimes you just need to make some space to explore who you are, right at this moment. No matter what your marital status is, if you have the desire to better understand your relationship with yourself and others, individual coaching will be a catalyst for any change you want to make.  

We believe there is no greater freedom than returning to who you were created to be. In working together in a one to one capacity, we will explore your values, vision, and roadmap to focus on bringing your best self to the table of any and all areas of your life. 

02. for individuals

How will the experience enhance your life?

You believe in personal development. You crave it. You recognize that you want to increase your satisfaction in your life and to do that you need to spend some time doing the inner work to bring this to life. If that’s you, then this is your jam. 

Or you might feel like you aren’t living life fully awake -- we get it. You’ve been climbing the corporate ladder, you’ve been checking off your life goal list and you are completely exhausted. We’ve been there too.  If you’re ready to start to uncover the path that leads you back to who you are, let’s walk together.

What to expect:

Individuals who are interested in experiencing coaching can contact Crista to schedule a complimentary coaching investment call

During this call you will discuss what you are looking to work on and determine if you are interested in her coaching program offerings. 

If you decide to invest in this experience you will learn how to focus your time and energy, align your thoughts and feelings to create the outcomes you desire, develop skills that will equip you for the next level, create a vision that makes you excited to put your feel on the floor every morning, and put a strategy in place to bring your dreams to life.


"we could focus on our marriage..."

The other benefit of Happily Hitched is working with Aishah Hunter for relationship guidance. We met with her to discuss our goals and think critically about important aspects of our wedding and our life together. We had complex family dynamics to consider at our wedding and sought her guidance. 

Ultimately, this exercise led to success!

- Cameron & Mike