Everything You Need to Know about Renting Farm Tables for your Wedding

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Determining the wedding design and decor is such a fun part of wedding planning! The options are endless and we always encourage couples to create a wedding that’s unique and personalized. If you’re looking to have farm table rentals as part of your wedding to enhance your venue space and create a meaningful gathering place for all of your guests, keep reading! This article will tell you everything you need to know about renting farm tables for your wedding.


First, you’ll need to understand how a farm table differs in dimension from any other table rental option. Many tables, just like our farm table rentals, will come in a standard 8 foot length, 3 foot width and a height of 30 inches. Tables with a height of 30 inches will accommodate most standard chair rentals. 

But if you’re planning to use vintage furniture, you’ll want to make sure your vintage chair rental will be tall enough to reach the table top! An example of this would be pairing a vintage settee with a sweetheart farm table for the couple. Vintage furniture can sometimes be lower in height than other chair rentals, and you’ll want to be at the correct height. You’ll want to be comfortable while sitting and eating your meal during the reception!

Wedding reception layout with farm table rentals at The Middleburg Barn in Middleburg, VA

Seating Capacity

Many 8 foot farm tables can comfortably seat up to 4 guests on each side of the table. That makes for a minimum of 8 guests per table and in some cases, you can seat a few more. Pay careful attention to the design of the table legs. Are there any wooden structures meant to support the weight of the table or pieces added for decorative purposes? If so, the design of the table legs might actually limit your ability to seat guests at the heads of the table.  

Happily Hitched farm tables were specifically designed to overcome this limitation! When using our tables, you’ll be able to easily seat up to 10 guests. Our 8 foot tables can accommodate one guest at each end of the table in addition to 4 guests on each of the two longer sides of the table. Guests sitting at the heads of the table won’t have to awkwardly figure out how to position their legs. There will be plenty of leg room to sit comfortably throughout your reception. 

Taking Care of the Farm Table

There are situations you’ll want to avoid when renting farm tables for your wedding. Damage fees are likely to be assessed if the table gets damaged. This could be from weather (i.e. rain) or if candle wax drips on the table. Damage fees are assessed to clients so rental companies can make repairs. When renting farm tables to multiple clients throughout the year, rentals need to remain in top shape for each event!

If you’re planning to have your event outdoors, be sure to have a back up plan for moving the tables indoors if weather should pose an issue. Otherwise, many rental companies may refuse delivery if there isn’t a proper plan in place to protect the rentals while in your care.

Guests at cocktail hour during a wedding at The Middleburg Barn in Middleburg, VA

Delivery Fees

In addition to the price of each farm table rental, you’ll most likely also pay a delivery fee in addition to that per table cost. Delivery fees may vary depending on the travel distance, number of tables, window of time the delivery crew has to get all of the tables delivered and set up, amount of time the delivery crew has to break down the tables once the event is over, and whether the load in and load out location is labor intensive (i.e. lots of stairs, elevators, difficult or complicated delivery locations).

Bonus Table Uses

You can use farm tables beyond just seating for guests, too! Many rental companies will have rental minimums that must be met before a company will deliver. To help with meeting this minimum, you could utilize farm table rentals for any accessory tables you may have as well, such as for buffet or dessert tables, welcome tables to hold cards, gifts and a guest book, drink stations, escort cards display or for any other table you need to display decor or other items. When using farm tables for your accessory tables, you’ll also save money on linens you otherwise would need to rent to cover other tables!

There are so many ways to use farm tables for your wedding or special event. They offer such an intimate experience and bring a warmth to your wedding day that will be memorable for you and all your guests!

Farm table rental with decorative place settings at The Middleburg Barn in Middleburg, VA

Vendor Credits: Photographer: Kir Tuben Photography | Venue: The Middleburg Barn | Planner: B. Mingled | Florals: The Rosy Posy | Hair: Nam Nguyen Hair Studio | Makeup: Kate Face Beauty | Rentals: Select Event Group | Farm Tables: Happily Hitched

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