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Post written by: Christina

We’re so excited to share that we are now providing Farmhouse Table rentals! Handcrafted by our family in the heart of Leesburg, VA, this is a story that’s been three, nearly four years in the making!

Once I became engaged in 2016, I knew I wanted farmhouse tables to be part of my big day. They offer such an intimate experience that feels more like you’re enjoying a Sunday family dinner than sitting at a wedding, and with my whole wedding having a focus on our family, farmhouse tables were the perfect addition for the reception!

It was a desire to have my father build those tables for all our guests to enjoy, but with an 8-month long engagement and a guest count of 250 people, there just wasn’t enough time to get that many tables built!

Now that we have more time and my father has retired, we’re getting the ball rolling building out farm tables as a family to share our love of wood-working with you and your guests. It’s been a desire of ours to create a gathering place for all of your loved ones on your special day.

We’ve thought about your love story and this new beginning and journey you’re on as we pour our hearts into making each and every table.

We can’t wait to have your closest family and friends gathered around these tables as they come together to support you and your marriage!

Ready to book tables for your event or want to learn more? Send us a note!

Photo Credit: Franzi Lee Photography

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