Crafting the Music Playlist for Your Wedding Day

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DJ playing wedding music on turntable
Photo by Forest Heart

Your wedding music playlist is the soundtrack to one of the most exciting days of your life! It’s important to put some thought into it, we promise it will be so worth it in the end. 

Music has a way of transporting us back to special moments in our lives and today we’re going to discuss how you can create a wedding playlist to relive those moments in the future!

Determine Your Entertainment Vendor

Lock in your entertainment, whether that’s a DJ, band, acoustic singers, or a mix of everything. Share your hopes, dreams and expectations with your music vendor to make sure you’re on the same page and that they can deliver the type of experience you’re looking for. Your vendor should also be a resource as you navigate the music and timeline order for your playlist, so lean into their expertise!

Father daughter dance at Sweeney Barn in Manassas, VA with The DC DJs wedding DJ
Photo by Maddy Williams Photography

If you’re on the hunt for a music vendor and having a hard time locking someone in, send us a quick note. We’re happy to help! 

Consider the Vibe You Want on Your Wedding Day

There are so many different genres of music you can tap into for your wedding day. Think about the experience you want to create and the music that will help to produce the right vibe. There is no perfect answer to this, and the wedding music you choose to add to your music playlist is solely up to you and your significant other. 

Bride and parents dancing at Persian-American wedding reception at Sweeney Barn in Manassas, VA
Photo by Always Avery Photography

Do you want to have 2000s pop rock blaring through the speakers or are you all about Today’s Top 40 Hits? Maybe you want music specific to your culture! Whatever you choose, decide the vibe. Your wedding music can be a mix of everything!

Select Specific Wedding Music for Key Moments During the Day

Below is a general list of key wedding moments that you may choose to include on your wedding day! Take some time to think about the moments you’ll have and the songs that will serve as the backdrop for each. 


  • Processional – this is when all VIPs enter into the ceremony (i.e. parents, wedding party)
  • Bride’s Entrance
  • Recessional – this is when all VIPs walk back down the aisle to exit the ceremony 
Photo by Samia’s Studios


  • Wedding Party Introductions 
  • First Dance
  • Parent Dance (Father/Daughter and/or Mother Son) 
  • Cake Cutting 
  • Bouquet Toss 
  • Garter Toss 
  • Final Song with Guests
  • Couple’s Private Last Dance
  • Wedding Exit 
Wedding party introductions at Indian wedding at Shadow Creek in Purcellville, VA
Photo by Micah Cook Photography

Don’t Forget to Let the Professionals Work Their Magic 

Remember you’ve hired your entertainment professional for a reason! Outside of your specific requests, allow them to assist you and work their magic when you may be unsure of what to choose for your wedding music song selections! They should have the experience to know how to read the room and really get the party started. It’s smart to have your requests but also leave room for your DJ or band to add their creative flare! They’ll be able to cater to your guests in ways you may not be able to plan for in advance.

Now’s the time to get started creating your wedding music playlist! 

Bride dancing with wedding guest at Sweeney Barn in Manassas, VA
Photo by E. Losinio Photography

Not sure where to start when booking your entertainment vendor? Reach out to get help!

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