5 Steps to Creating a Personalized Wedding Design

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Bride and Groom with neon mirror sign at The Oak Barn at Loyalty wedding
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1. Set Your Budget

Before you dive head first into making any purchases that will impact your wedding design, getting clear on how much you have to spend and how you can best maximize your dollars is our recommended first step! Create a budget that prioritizes spending on the top 3-5 areas of the day that are most important to you. This will require both of you as a couple to tune out the noise, get clear on your priorities and do a little research to understand what your envisioned wedding design may cost.

Wedding couple at computer creating wedding budget
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2. Define Your Wedding Design Style

We are true believers in creating a wedding design that is uniquely reflective of each and every couple. No two weddings should ever look and feel the same because no two couples are the same. Your guests are showing up to celebrate you and your love, so weaving in your personal style and tastes into your wedding design will allow your guests to feel like they showed up to a wedding that made sense for you! Think about what you do in your everyday life. Consider your style, aesthetics you’re drawn to, and think about how those can be incorporated into your wedding design. What items do you already have in your home that can be part of your decor or serve as inspiration?

Unique and fun geometric speckled seating chart display at Birkby House wedding
Photo by: Bakerture

3. Share Your Love Story

It bears repeating that your guests are there to celebrate you as a couple! Weddings are such an exciting time in life and for better or for worse, can also be a time when many people around you may try to insert their opinions, what they like and dislike, and try to influence what you should or should not do for your wedding. We say this with love, but don’t let those outside opinions overtake the dreams you have for this day.

When it comes to your wedding design, think about the ways in which you can share more about your relationship. What can guests interact with that also shares your love story? One idea is to create a seating display for your reception that’s reflective of your relationship. For example, do you love eating cookies together? Offer guests your favorite treat as a way to find their seat for the reception. Or if one of the things you do as a couple is to regularly pop confetti cannons to celebrate exciting moments in life, buy enough for all your guests to use at some point during your wedding day!

Guests letting off confetti cannons at Dover Hall wedding in Richmond, VA
Photo by: Apke Photography

4. Incorporate Traditions

Another way to personalize your wedding design is by incorporating traditions. Are there any special traditions in your family? Whether cultural, religious, or completely made up, is there a way you can infuse your traditions into the day for your guests to experience as well? Not only can it be fun for your guests to see your traditions on full display, but it may help them to also learn something new about you or your culture that they may not have known before!

Persian wedding ceremony at Sweeney Barn in Manassas, VA
Photo by: Always Avery Photography

5. Think Long Term

Lastly, we’d encourage you to think beyond the wedding day when it comes to your wedding design. Whether the motivation is to be wise with your spending or to prevent overall wastefulness, it’s worth the time to think through the decision to purchase vs. rent or borrow. Really think about what you’ll do with all of your decor items once the day is done. What items could you buy for your wedding and then save for use within your home? Or what could you share or donate to someone else?

Because so many of our couples love including incredible floral designs into their day, it can often mean that there’s quite a lot of flowers left at the end of the night. To save these beautiful blooms from the trash, we always make a plan for couples to either take those florals home to reuse for a brunch the next day, share them with guests or vendors, or make a plan to have them donated to places like veteran hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care or shelters. Thinking beyond the wedding day will allow yourself and others to experience joy as a result of your planning long after your guests have gone home.

Cold sparks wedding send off at Birkby House in Leesburg, VA
Photo by: Bakerture

Looking for assistance with curating a wedding day design that’s uniquely you? Send us a note!

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